Thursday, March 21, 2019

Boyabus Kissabus

Boyabus Kissabus a sweet girlorrum

Girlabus cryabus— “Wants some morum!”
Boyabus Kissabus — Walked old mamorum;
Boyabus kickedbus out the back doorum;
Girlabus cryabus, “Kisses no morum!”

By the author,
Ruth Martin

I found this charming verse when researching the women of the Graber Olive House family for a 4 month long exhibit at the Ontario Museum of History and Art in 2017.  

Ruth Martin was not a Graber, but her daughter, Betty, became one when she married Bob Graber in 1936. The paper was signed “By the author, Ruth Martin.” 

This style of speaking was called “hog Latin” and was all the rage with schoolgirls in the late-1800’s, and made comebacks several times in the early 1900’s.

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