Thursday, October 4, 2018

About “Traditions and Tea”

Our talk on “Dining with Royalty; From Picnics to the Palaces” are fun and informative. One item people enjoy viewing is the original table seating chart for the dinner given in honor of the Duke of Gloucester’s visit to Australia in 1934. We don’t simply cover the British royal family, but dining with royals the world over, throughout history.

All about “Traditions and Tea” at Georgia Belle et Cie”

We are located at the historic Graber Olive House in Ontario California. My husband’s grandfather, C. C. Graber, started the company in 1894. Our 1920's tea room setting is named after C.C.’s wife, Georgia Belle Graber.

The 1920's were such a great time of change for the women in the U.S. and our talks and classes focus on many of those changes for women, the etiquette, dress and lifestyle of the era, and those preceding that time period.

Each talk or class is accompanied by refreshments in the form of an afternoon tea – scones, assorted finger sandwiches, dainty desserts and, of course, freshly brewed pots of tea! 

The price is $32.00 per person, and we serve unlimited scones, tea sandwiches and desserts, along with a variety of teas at each table. 

Each talk or class is approximately 2 hours. Our most popular talks are listed below—

  1. Designed for Dining – The What, ‘Ware and When of the Table
  2. Victorian Era Etiquette and Her Queen 
  3. Tea History and Tea Etiquette
  4. Reading the Tea Leaves and Other 19th Century Pastimes
  5. Dining with Royalty; From Picnics to the Palaces
  6. Victorian and Edwardian Era Fads and Fancies
  7. Dining Etiquette; the “Do’s and Don’ts” for the Table
  8. Shaped to Please; Pots, Their Purposes, the Cups and Pleasures
  9. Jane Austen's England and the Silver Fork Novel 
  10. Learning Tea Manners with “Little Betty” (for ages 6 and up, accompanied by an adult, these include a book)
To find out about upcoming Talks and Tea, or to book a private Talk and Tea for your group, club or special event, call 800.891.RSVP
 Outside the U.S.? Call 909.923.5650

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